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About Us

Welcome to Modern Day Rifleman! The concept of Modern Day Rifleman was spawned from the Modern Day Sniper brand as we reflected on how we could resonate with our non-military and law enforcement shooters and still unify our community. 

Modern Day Rifleman is the bridge for that gap.


For those of you visiting Modern Day Rifleman here for the first time, here's the backstory on Modern Day Sniper

The concept of Modern Day Sniper came about as a podcast. Two snipers, passionate about teaching and giving back to their community, started to discuss the subjects that meant the most to them with the intent of shifting the paradigm of how snipers and riflemen approached their craft. That podcast ended up setting the community on fire. Modern Day Sniper was born from the alchemy of two generations of snipers working together to challenge the status quo and progress their community. 

We are students committed to the pursuit of mastery within our craft. Being a rifleman is more than being a shooter, being a rifleman is a holistic mindset focused on the awareness of how the mind, the body, and the rifle come together. We created a community like nothing else available on the internet today. 

Why You Should Join Us

First off, right out of the gate you should join us because access to our main network is FREE!

The Modern Day Rifleman community is one of like-minded individuals with common goals. We know who you are, we know what you seek, and we've got the solution. 

What you'll find in our network is a group of people who are dedicated to their own personal growth and development of skills. What's more is our group is made up of people who are as equally dedicated to bringing others up around them. You simply won't find a more courteous, helpful and welcoming group of people anywhere else in the shooting community. 

What you WON'T find here are internet trolls, keyboard commandos, memes, or in general, unkind people. We simply don't tolerate it, and our members don't either. Everyone is helpful, courteous, and eager to answer your questions. We all had to start somewhere.

The only stupid question out there is the one that you don't ask. -Caylen W.

Our Affordable Monthly Subscription Service

For those of you looking to achieve a new height in your precision shooting journey, look no further. Right behind the door is a mountain of information and a carefully crafted approach to helping you attain your goals.

The Modern Day Rifleman subscription service was born from the desire to shift the paradigm of our community, how information is conveyed, and reduce the barrier for entry into quality training.

Up until January of 2023, every month our members received an unprecedented amount of information in an easy to follow format, and the opportunity for direct access to their teachers for questions and clarity. Every month we dropped:

  • A video lecture on a technical topic (30-45 mins)
  • A video lecture on a mindfulness/personal growth and development/leadership topic (30-45 mins)
  • Monthly shooting drill assignments
  • A guided practice session with one of our staff (30-60 mins)
  • A live Question & Answer session (1 hr, 30 mins)

For the last 2 years Modern Day Rifleman Monthly has dropped a staggering amount of high-quality content surrounding education in the discipline of long range shooting. Our training philosophy - "Putting Mindfulness Behind the Rifle" drove the structure of our monthly service to offer both technical and mindfulness discussions, monthly shooting drills as action items, and then a month-end live question and answer session.

Doing some quick math, with each month having 4x sessions that last around an hour, that content adds up. Fast. 

Right now, we're sitting on 2 years worth of content in the MDS Schoolhouse. That's around 96 hours of lectures, drills, subject matter expert speakers, and live question and answer sessions. Crazy...

Now, enter in the new.

The 2023 Journey of a Rifleman

When we set out to create this years' new list of content we immediately hit some roadblocks. Creative blocks. What was it? We chased it down to the fact that we're holding ourselves to a high standard and didn't want to re-capture topics we had already discussed, AND that already live in the vault. The value we provide to you is our driving force, so we needed to come at it in a different way.

So, we've designed a 12 month program specifically focused on increasing individual performance through transformative actions.

Each month is going to have a theme of the journey. The theme is focused on what main aspect of the journey we're at on the way. It's a map to reach your individual goals. 

There is simply nothing like this out there! No one in the precision rifle training space is providing you with this kind of map to increase your individual performance.

  • New and current monthly members not only get access to the Journey of a Rifleman program, you're also going to have access to all of the curated content in the Vault. That's 100+ hours of an amazing collection of high-quality instruction. 
  • As an added bonus monthly subscribers will also have free access to any paid virtual lessons taught through the Modern Day Rifleman platform. (The MDR staff will be conducting monthly live virtual lessons throughout the year.)

Bonus: Don't forget about our Drop-in Webinars, which are included in our monthly subscription services.

A Big Thanks

If you've hung with me this far, you're probably in it for the long haul and you're here to step up your game. 

We've built something unique and sustainable, and we're excited to have you here with us. I can assure you that you're not going to find anyplace else on the world wide web that provides you with the experience you'll have when you check things out for yourself. 

For all of our current members, listeners, and followers; we simply wouldn't be able to do what we do without your support. Witnessing your success is the most humbling aspect of what we do. 

We're extending our genuine thanks for entrusting Modern Day Rifleman with your time, your mind, and with your money. We don't take that lightly. 

Thank you.  

-The MDS Team

Disclaimer: By accessing or using our website, you acknowledge that you are 18 years of age or older. If you are under the age of 18, please do not access or use our website.

Modern Day Rifleman provides educational resources and training for individuals who wish to learn about long range shooting. We take safety and responsible firearm use seriously, and our content is intended for educational purposes only. 

If you have any questions or concerns about our website or the content provided, please contact us at [email protected].