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Welcome to Modern Day Rifleman!  

You’ve found yourself at the entrypoint of one of the fastest growing communities in the industry of precision long range shooting education. 

What is a Modern Day Rifleman, you ask? Well, we’re a community of discerning shooters whose goal is to master the foundational principles of marksmanship and then apply those principles to whatever discipline of precision rifle you’re drawn to. 

Our community is composed of Professional snipers, long range shooting enthusiasts, active competitive shooters, and hard-core hunters, all focused on falling in love with the processes behind hitting targets. It’s not magic, it’s a process. 

Modern Day Sniper and Modern Day Rifleman, what’s the difference?

Modern Day Sniper was created through the passions of two individuals who wanted to bring more to their community, and to give that community something that they wished they had for themselves. A pipeline of modernized information that was gathered through life experiences that stemmed from military service, combat experiences, competitive shooting, and the austere environments of mountain hunting, all funneled into a podcast. 

From there, Modern Day Rifleman was born. Not everyone can be a sniper, and our non-professional members respected that to the point where we decided that they deserved their own title, born from the roots of our Nation which was formed by a small, but powerfully dedicated group of riflemen. 

Modern Day Riflemen, trained by Modern Day Snipers.

What’s inside Modern Day Rifleman?


Inside you’re going to find FREE access to a dedicated and active community of precision riflemen where you’ll find a myriad of information in the form of user posts, articles from our founders and cadre members, and FREE technical topic lessons from subject matter experts on the subjects that are important to your success in precision shooting.

Digital Masterclasses

This is where we host our long list of digital Masterclasses which are detailed, long-form prerecorded lessons on the main topics that shooters need to be successful. Our Masterclasses were designed to reduce the barrier for entry into high quality instruction surrounding the niche of precision shooting. 

With unparalleled production quality, our Masterclasses are known throughout the industry as being the best source of information you can find, without sifting through the perils of YouTube. 

The Modern Day Rifleman Advantage Program

Our monthly training subscription service was designed to further reduce the barrier to entry into solid and up-to-date information on precision shooting. We wanted to pack as much value into this program as possible to make our membership an undeniable Advantage for the discerning precision shooter.

Every month our members get exclusive access to:

  • Live and Pre-Recorded Technical Discussions from our cadre and industry professionals.
  • Monthly shooting drills accompanied by pre-recorded guided practice sessions from our staff and cadre.
  • Access to an exclusive (and highly dedicated) Advantage community where everyone is focused on improvement and group success.
  • Monthly Q&A sessions where you get to sit with our staff and have your questions answered in a group setting.
  • PLUS! Access to our content vault which has over 150+ hours of previous years’ content.

What’s MORE?

We’ve got industry partners here as well, helping us to keep the flow of modernized information alive. Log in to see our Hornady Ballistics Hub where you’ll get collegiate level instruction on all things ballistics from the best in the business.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s time to click that link below and get started. It’s easy, and it's FREE to access a huge variety of meaningful content that will undoubtedly bring your shooting to the next level. 

We hope see you inside the network!

A Big Thanks

We've built something unique and sustainable, and we're excited to have you here with us. I can assure you that you're not going to find anyplace else on the world wide web that provides you with the experience you'll have when you check things out for yourself. 

For all of our current members, listeners, and followers; we simply wouldn't be able to do what we do without your support. Witnessing your success is the most humbling aspect of what we do. 

We're extending our genuine thanks for entrusting Modern Day Rifleman with your time, your mind, and with your money. We don't take that lightly. 

Thank you.  

-The MDS Team

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